• 14/11/2018

    St. James' Settlement (聖雅各福群會)

    Online Marketing 網絡營銷講座

    Poster /   Online Application

    Date: 5 Dec 2018 (Wed)

    Time: 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.

  • 05/11/2018

    Maritime Silk Road Society (海上絲綢之路協會)

    “A Dialogue with Lai Sir on Study, Career and life”(黎Sir與青年人對話)

    Poster /   Online Application

    Date: 28 Nov 2018 (Wed)

    Application Deadline: 23 Nov 2018 (Fri)

  • 29/10/2018

    Small Talks Circles (STC) Evening [Nov]

    Details & Signup

    Date: 22 Nov., 2018 (Thurs)

    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Venue: City Top, 9/F, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Complex, City University of Hong Kong

  • 26/10/2018

    Social Enterprise Summit 社企民間高峰會

    Details / Enrollment

    Dates: 22-26 Nov., 2018

  • 15/10/2018

    Forum on “Social Impact Leadership for Business Success”

    Details / Enrollment

    Application Deadline: 8 Nov 2018 (Thurs)

    Date: 16 Nov 2018 (Fri)


    Leadership and Management Seminar on “Use Innovation to Grow Your Business”

    Details / Enrollment

    Application Deadline: 14 Nov 2018 (Wed)

    Date: 22 Nov 2018 (Thurs)


    5 complimentary seats will be offered to HKSYU students on first come first served basis.
    Please be reminded that once you have enrolled in this seminar, we will share your name, programme, contact no. and contact email with the Hong Kong Management Association for registration.

  • 14/09/2018

    QF Seminar: Building a Successful Career in Banking & Insurance Industries

    Poster / Programme / Online Registration

    Date: 3 Dec 2018 (Mon)

    Application Deadline: 19 Nov 2018 (Mon)

  • 05/09/2018

    Auxiliary Undergraduates Scheme (AUS)


    Application Form (For non-final year student)

    Application Deadline: 24 Dec 2018 (Mon)


    Police Mentorship Programme (PMP)


    Application Form (For non-final year student)

    Application Deadline: 24 Dec 2018 (Mon)


    OSA will only process duly completed application.

    Completed application form for AUS & PMP should be submitted to OSA collection box outside H402 by 24 Dec 2018 (Mon)


    Interested undergraduates (non-final year) are welcome to attend either one of the sessions with prior enrollment, personal particulars for enrollment will be submitted to HKPF for their arrangements.


    Session One: 16 Oct 2018 (Tue)

    Sign up here

    Enrollment Deadline: 8 Oct 2018 (Mon)


    Session Two: 6 Nov 2018 (Tue)

    Sign up here

    Enrollment Deadline: 29 Oct 2018 (Mon)


    Session Three: 14 Nov 2018 (Wed)

    Sign up here

    Enrollment Deadline: 6 Nov 2018 (Tue)


    PMP & AUS 2018-19 Information Session - Programme Rundown & Assembly Point

    Gathering time of each Information Session:

    (1) 1845 hrs on 16 Oct 2018 (Tue)

    (2) 1845 hrs on 6 Nov 2018 (Tue)

    (3) 1845 hrs on 14 Nov 2018 (Wed)

    As access to Police Headquarters / PSRC requires staff company, please be punctual and bring along your student ID card.

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