Welcome to our website. We can provide an effective platform to meet your recruitment needs through various employer services.

If you are looking for capable, experienced and driven staff members to contribute to your workforce, we will help you to accomplish the task.

We provide a range of services for your access to our top quality students and help you recruit the most suitable candidates.

  1. Job Portal

    Job Portal serves as a centralized platform for employers to advertise their job openings to recruit our students. Through this portal, our students can easily access recruitment-related information and submit job application wherever they have access to Internet.

    Employers may click here if they are ready to post a job
  2. *Please note that we only welcome job posting from direct employers at the moment.

  3. Recruitment Talk

    We offer assistance in arranging recruitment briefing session for employers to meet with our students on campus from mid September to November and February to March every year. It is the most direct way to introduce your job opportunities to a large number of potential candidates from different academic backgrounds.

    If you are interested in offering recruitment talks in our campus, please fill out the form. We would help you identify the most effective channel to meet your recruitment needs.

    Request Form of Recruitment Talk

  4. Career Fair

    We usually host Career Fair(s) in every academic year. The objectives are to provide a platform for prospective employers to meet HKSYU students and perform recruitment activities. If you are interested in this event, please fill out the form and our staff will contact you accordingly.

    Request Form of Career Fair