You can find information of job vacancies through many resources, some of them are free of charge but some are not. The followings are some examples of free resources:

  1. Hong Kong Shue Yan University

  2. HKSAR Government

  3. Internet and Media

  5. Recruitment Talks
    • Career Services Team of HKSYU arranges recruitment talks on campus from September to April every year

  6. Career Exhibitions
    • Education & Careers Expo (usually held in February each year and after Lunar New Year): to gather information on respective industries and to attend briefing/ sharing sessions offered by representatives from various companies
    • Career Services Team of HKSYU organizes career fair(s) annually

  7. Personal Network
    • Referrals from friends, family or alumni

  8. Direct Approaching
    • A self-initiated opportunity for job search
    • Sending unsolicited letters to the Human Resources Department or Department Head of companies
    • Sources can be from professional directory/ business directory, company annual report, etc.